Song Downloads 

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I Dreamed I Saw My Savior - (Click to play)

Mehera in What Manner Do You Love Him - (Click to play)

Sing a Song of Meher Baba - (Click to play)

Song of the New Life - (Click to Play)

The Seven Names of God - (Click to Play)

The links directly below are for MP3s of all of the songs from my CD the Window to God, listed by Track number. You can either click and play, or download the file for your music player.

1. The Window to God - (Click to play).

2. The Most Beautiful Word -  (Click to play).

3. My God and My All -  (Click to play).

4. Through My Eyes - (Click to play).

5. What a Concept - (Click to play). 

6. Redeemer of My Soul - (Click to play).

7. The Work of a Moment - (Click to play).

8. If You're Traveling to Meherabad -  (Click to play).

9. Won't You Carry Me Home - (Click play).

10. Beloved Father (Arti) - (Click to play).

The link below is for an MP3 of the title track of my CD The Songs of Hafiz.  Mark Trichka (see above) plays mandolin.

The Songs of Hafiz - (Click to play).

The links below are from my acoustic blues recording, The Blues is My Business which is now available on CD for the first time. All of the tracks on this CD were performed live at Nightingale Studios in Nashville, TN.

Maya - (Click to play).

At the Mercy of the Blues - (Click to play). 


Keep checking this page.  I'll be adding more songs from time to time. 
Be sure to save any songs that you like. I'll be switching some out after a while.

 Thanks for listening!



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